What a month it has been!  We are tying up a lot of loose ends these last two weeks of July in preparation for our first tech conference of the year – CompTIA Breakaway, Las Vegas.  Last year we managed to make it to HDI and Breakaway.  This year has been so busy, that there has been hardly a day to spare.   But there really isn't an excuse to miss conferences like these –  I can't think of a better way to stay on top of emerging trends in my field and have fun doing it!  I will have to write back next month about the contacts I make and the impressions I have of the conference.

The most challenging, yet rewarding task I have in my work is that of staying relevant.  The field changes so rapidly – the tools and methods we use to manage information, technology, and deliver service.  The opportunities we get to receive in-depth lectures on emerging threats and trends; as well as mix and mingle with our fellow techs and service providers are invaluable.

I hope to see some of you out there this year!