You have a virus on your computer.  You are not an IT professional, but you know just enough to be considered "dangerous".  Do you dare go it alone?

Removing viruses can be a dangerous ordeal for the end user.  Depending on how sophisticated the virus you are dealing with actually is, you may wind up doing more damage than the virus has already caused.  In the early stages of an attack there is an opportunity for the end user to identify the infection, save and close out all programs, and turn off the computer.  All too often, however, a user will begin to tamper with the attacker, edit the registry, and cause further damage; which can result in data loss, corrupted file systems, and bulk spam being generated unknowingly.

Choosing to live with an attacker on the host machine can cause severe damage to critical system files, destroy the reputation of an IP address as perceived by external spam blacklists, compromise bank accounts and passwords, and open the machine up to keystroke loggers, and the list goes on.

The best advice I can give the end user is this:  when you think your computer has been affected by a virus infection, save what you are doing, turn off your computer, and call the professionals – TRA Consulting, Inc., serving all of Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  We have seen it all – malware, viruses, corrupted data, spam blacklists, compromised email accounts.  Let us get your computer back on track and give you back your piece of mind!