~~Have you ever seen that little yellow shield in the lower right hand corner of your PC screen? You might have just ignored it in the past and kept right on working, but here we’ll explain why that little yellow icon with the exclamation point on it deserves a few moments of your attention even if it means restarting your computer after the updates have completed.
Windows updates are usually released on the second Tuesday of each month and they contain packets of software code that updates various Microsoft products on your computer (such as Outlook, Word, and many other programs most businesses use on a daily basis) as well the Windows operating system in general. Sometimes updates and patches are released more frequently depending on what threats and software problems are emerging. Most computers are set to automatically check with Microsoft for updates and then notify you when updates are ready to be downloaded. When your computer checks for updates, it lets you know by displaying that little yellow shield icon with the black exclamation point on it in the system tray (that’s the bar right next to the clock on the lower right hand side of your screen). Most computers are set to download those updates when you shut-down your computer for the day. If you are someone who leaves your computer on at the end of the day, those updates may not be completed for quite some time.
It’s important to allow your computer to install updates as soon as you notice the little yellow shield icon on your screen. Simply click on it and then click “install” when the window pops up asking you about installing the updates. For most users, the “Express install” option is just fine, and the good news is that that is the default setting for the updates installation so all you have to do is click install.
There are several reasons why you should attend to this simple and quick bit of computer maintenance. One is that you will help keep your computer system protected from viruses and malware. While updates don’t protect your computer completely from attacks, they help by inoculating your computer against known threats. It helps to patch security weaknesses in the programs you use every day by making sure hackers can’t take advantage of back-doors and loop-holes. It’s a lot like getting a flu shot. So be sure to buff up your computer’s “immune system” by taking just a few moments every few weeks to allow your computer to do updates. Another great reason is that these updates often contain code that can fix problems in the programs you use at work. Have you seen a weird glitch in Outlook or encountered a problem with Excel, sometimes it’s a software “bug” or benign minor problem that can be fixed with a simple update. The third reason it’s important to keep current on your computer’s updates is that it will save you a lot of time in the future. Rather than installing many month’s worth of updates in one go, which can take a very long time and really bog down your system, a regular update takes only a few minutes usually and then you’re back up and running.
At TRA Consulting, Inc., we also offer managed support software computer solutions for businesses in the Long Beach and greater Los Angeles areas. This managed desktop support software allows our IT consultants to complete updates on your business’s computers for you, so that your employees don’t have to run their own updates. This will help keep your computers in good working order and ensure uniformity among the computers at your business. Take a few minutes to take care of your computer and it will take good care of you!