~~When was the last time that someone said “I hope my network gets attacked by a hacker today”? Unless you have a honeypot, no one is looking forward for that to happen. Unfortunately, there are many people and businesses who not only are not equipped to prevent an intrusion in their systems, but worse yet, they also have no way to detect if their network’s been breached or if their systems have been hacked until it is too late. Taking initiative in your pc and network security is an underrated method to prevent not only loss and compromise of your data, but also saves you the time and headache to try to get yourself back to where you were before. At TRA consulting, our philosophy is to get your network and systems secured so that you don’t have to experience this situation. If you’ve unfortunately have been a victim of hacking, we can help you get peace of mind by securing your network, computers, and data. TRA Consulting has been servicing the Long Beach area, Southbay, Orange County, and the Greater Los Angeles area for years, and we won’t rest until you can fall asleep at night knowing that your data is safe and secure
Cyber-threats come in different shapes and sizes. For example, the stealing of sensitive data from Target servers, in which millions of customer’s credit card information was compromised, was the biggest cyber hacking event in recent memory. The reason why this hit home for a lot of people was because, well, everyone shops at Target. Hearing that hackers made out with millions of people’s sensitive credit card information from the place you did your X-mas shopping, makes you feel vulnerable as when you first found out that that a Russian hacker got your PayPal password and they used it to send themselves $400 worth of clothing.  Yes, that happened to me. Thankfully Paypal refunded me the money this hacker took from my account within a few days. However, dealing with credit card companies and banks regarding money stolen from your credit card and bank account is a much bigger headache. In an age where online banking is ubiquitous, taking care of your sensitive financial information is of the utmost importance. The target breach taught us that there is some things that are out of our control, but at the same time showed us that sometimes its human lack of foresight that puts data in jeopardy. Taking initiative in securing your personal computer can reap many benefits in the long run.
Hindsight may be 20/20, but foresight, especially regarding your computer security, can be a big money saver. Contact us today, and let us take care of your home/office security. Our years of experience and competitive prices makes us one of the best IT consulting companies based in the Long Beach area. We also serve the Orange County, Southbay, and Greater Los Angeles Area. Our years of computer experience can help you fix almost an problem you have at a reasonable price. Contact us today.