~~If you are reading this in a windows XP computer (hopefully not), then the time has ran out. Today Microsoft officially ends support for the 13 year old operating system, making this once popular operating system a security risk. There are many people who don’t know about this or are choosing to ignore it, but this is a real threat to the security of your pc and your data.
There are many reasons why people are unwilling to move to a newer operating system than Windows XP. Some of them are Time, Money, and Knowledge. Upgrading your computer to a newer operating system takes time to do. People are busy to do it for themselves. Offices don’t have the manpower to do it themselves, so they fall behind in keeping up with Security. This leads me to the second reason why some people still have not upgraded from Windows XP, knowledge. Some people are not aware of Windows XP no longer receiving support starting today. They have no idea what it means. If their computer works and they can still use it, why fix it if it’s not broke? Honestly, they are right in some sense, but having an outdated Operating System with no support is like a ticking time bomb; it is bound to hurt you if you do not do something about it soon. If you are still running windows XP and you don’t have the time to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8, give us a call and we can take care of that for you. We server the Long Beach, Southbay, Orange County, and the Greater Los Angeles Area.
In my IT career, I’ve seen numerous home users ignore Windows Updates, thinking that they are a nuisance. I’ve had to explain to them how important they are and that a computer that does not stay up to date is more likely to and be infected with malware and viruses. A computer with Malware and Viruses is a slow computer, and that it something everyone wants to avoid. It seems that for home users, speed is more of a concern than security. It is a more measurable quality of a computer than security, so that angle hits home with home users (pun intended).
Businesses need the most secure network as possible since they are bigger targets for hackers and cyber attackers. Just like a chain, a network is just as strong as its weakest link. Having Windows XP in any computer in an office is not only weakening your network security, but it is almost like inviting a cyber-attacker to exploit such vulnerability. Having and keeping secure multiple computers in an office is hard work to maintain. Upgrading them out of Windows XP can get expensive. Fortunately, TRA Consulting is here to help you make that transition as fast, seamless and economical as possible. We have many years of not only upgrading computers, but also repairing and maintaining them. We serve the Long Beach, Orange County, South Bay and Los Angeles Area. Contact us today!